About Us

Apple Inclusion is a website that covers news, updates, and rumors about technology focusing more on apple.

At Apple Inclusion, we serve the hottest apple and tech-related news through our websites, help our audience to know more about it and its related content in a very detailed way.
Apple Inclusion was founded in 2019  as an effort, turned into a passion, and later into a responsibility to help people use Apple devices and other techs in the most efficient way possible. We also provide tips and tutorials.

Our coverage mainly focuses on Apple products.

  • Mobile(iPhone,iPad,Apple Watch)
  • Computers (MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro)
  • Software ( iOS, Mac OS, Watch OS, Apple Music,iCloud, Siri and more)

And also

  • Other tech giants (including Samsung, Google, etc)
  • Other software (Including Andriod, windows)
  • Other tech-related.